Lesson content

Jiu Jitsu

Practice Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Learn basic skills. ※Jiu Jitsu Gi is required.


Practice Nogi Jiu-jitsu. Jiu-jitsu Gi is not required.

Jiu Jitsu Advanced Level

Learn advanced techniques of jiu jitsu. Recommended for advanced users. *Jiu Jitsu Gi is required.


Kickboxing practice. Interpersonal practice focusing on punches and kicks.


Learn the technology of Sambo, a Russian martial art.


Practice mixed martial arts. Recommended for advanced users. Practice is hard.

Kids jiu jitsu

This is a jiu jitsu lesson practiced by children. Kindergarten to elementary school students are eligible.

Free Roll

Practice freely in a form close to the actual game. Rolling freely with teammates is a lot of fun.


21-2 Kuzeohtsuki-cho minami-ku Kyoto City,Kyoto
16 minutes work from Katsuragawa Station on the JR Line.

Training Schedule

* Closed Sunday, and all national holidays.

Training Fees

Admission Fee 10,000 Yen
Monthly Fee All time member 9,500 Yen
2time/1week member 6,500 Yen
Female member 5,500 Yen
University student 7,500 Yen
High school and junior high school students 6,500 Yen
Sports Insurance Fee 1,900 Yen (Paid Annually in April)
For visitors You can participate in all classes for 2,000 yen a day.


Takeshi Morimoto
E-Mail: groundcore.daihyo@gmail.com
PHONE: +81-90-9056-4707

*While this page is written in English the teachers here are Japanese and teach in Japanese.
They will however do their very best to make sure that you understand the techniques.